Functions & Services

curry company

acquisition for investment

The company acquires assets for its own account and re-positions the projects:

  • Specialize in turn around situations and are able to add value from all perspectives, market, financial, legal both pre and post bankruptcy, and customer relations.
  • Add value through repositioning, re-tenanting, redevelopment, restructuring and complex recapitalizations.
  • Target value and growth oriented assets in primary and tertiary markets.

structured finance and advisory service

The company provides a broad range of structured financing services for targeted financial solutions:

Arrange financing for owners/managers on their commercial assets or for acquisitions:

  • Analyze, structure, and provide tailored solutions to complex funding challenges including mezzanine, subordinated debt and equity.
  • Advise on optimal financing structures for obtaining new financings.
  • Advise on loan modifications, restructuring and recapitalizations.

Advise real estate companies, other structured credit companies and other financial institutions:

  • Assess the financial condition and operations of the company.
  • Advise on potential mergers and acquisitions.
  • Introduce strategic financial partners and operators.

Provide credit analysis:

  • Commercial asset portfolios
  • Various asset backed and other structured finance portfolios.

Advise on the structuring of investment solutions:

  • Structuring real estate and other investments.
  • We provide a full service menu for clients and counter parties which include company workouts; loan extensions/workouts; loan recovery; collections; servicing; and bankruptcy strategy/representation among others.

development, construction and asset management

curry company
  • Our in-house development, construction and asset management expertise covers all product types and has the breadth of experience in multiple geographic areas across the U.S.
  • Our construction expertise is extensive whether it is the rehabilitation of an existing project or ground up construction. 
  • We have the capacity to handle projects of any size and complexity.
  • In addition, our principals are actively involved in a company that handles management, construction, re-hab and maintenance of apartment buildings with over 4,000 units.

Corporate Finance Banking:

Advising corporations on critical and strategic investment and operating decisions

  • Advising on potential mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions of assets
  • Introducing strategic partners and operators
  • Manage all sides of the balance sheet including debt, optimal cost of equity, working capital assets including inventory, receivables, payables and cash positions, among others.

Advising on recapitalizations, restructurings, and refinancings

  • Assisting in obtaining and structuring new financings
  • Advising on loan amendments, restructurings, consents, waivers, and recapitalizations
  • Advising on bond modifications, tender and exchange offers, and consents
  • Capital structure advisory

Distribution of Bank Loans and High Yield Bonds

  • Raising new financing in the bank, bond and mezzanine markets
  • Distribution of secured, unsecured, subordinated, and asset-based facilities